July 2, 2008

What I do at work Wednesday...

I look through countless design magazines and see really cool product and hardly ever get to share this with anyone. So, I'm gonna share with you. These are the products that the high end clients are looking at. The kitchens that we sell are usually in the $300,000-600,000 range. That is cabinets only, maybe appliances and maybe appliances. It depends on their taste!!

I found this ad below in a Kitchen and Bath Business magazine. I think it's cool, if I came across the right house it would be perfect:

~Pewter Countertops~

The company: Handcrafted Metal

They offer copper, pewter, and zinc countertops, range hoods and sink.

I was intrigued by this picture because there are no seams. It is custom made for the shape of your countertops!! No seams means no hang ups for any crumbs, food or liquid! It looks amazing too!!

A lot of people are remodeling their master bathrooms. Some of our clients master baths are as big and my kitchen, dining room and living room in my own house. Bath remodels are really expensive because plumbing is involved and most people don't want to leave their toilets and sinks where they were. Moving plumbing equals big $$$. I really love the beautiful sinks that are being designed right now. The sinks that sit above the countertop are called vessel sinks. There are thousands of designs available along with very cool faucets. Here are a few:

Top Left Company: BMOOD

This is a super contemporary basin design. It has an optional matching lid. The flower motif is what caught my eye. I love flowers!!

Top Right and Bottom Center Company: Kraus

I love these glass bowls. Each one has their own personality. Bathroom jewelry.

I don't know how much I would really like this next product. I would really want to try it out first:

Company: The Allstone Group

This tub is limestone. The took a large block of limestone and cut this tub out of it. It is a solid piece. It weighs a ton! It can also be carved out of granite, marble and sandstone. My concern would be how long it would take to warm the stone up. Would the stone be cool even though the bath is warm? MMmm?

There are so many countertop surfaces available it's really hard to pick. For the high end kitchens we design we always use granite. But I like things a little more exciting personally:

Company: Silestone

I love bolder colors. I don't necessarily like these cabinets, but I love these countertops. It looks minty. I also really like what they have put on the island. There are 2 gas cooking components on one side and electric cooking components on the other. how versatile!!!

This is a featured kitchen in the magazine I picked up at work today. It's so clean! I want to eat it!! Lime green cabinets are so bold, creative and BRAVE. I don't know anyone that would do it on purpose. But looking at this photo I would totally do it.

I absolutely love this add. The add is for Zephyr ventilation hoods. The one pictured is pretty nice. I absolutely love this traditional gas range. Isn't it beautiful! I love the brass accents. I love everything about this photo. The complimentary orange items just feel good. The cabinets don't have any hardware on them...silly ad! I also like the container that the apples are in on the left of the stove. Pretty!

So that is our tour today. I hope you have enjoyed a little of what I see everyday!

Work update:

This week I have been working mainly on MustardStone and Adobe. We are in the revision stage for the Adobe house. My next step is to finalize the plans and order the cabinetry. MustardStone has been in the ordering stage for a couple of months now. I have 4 areas left: the media center, the library, the media center ceiling and the interior door order.

♥ Elliemae

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