July 15, 2008

Ten on Tuesday...


My house is a 1/3 more organized from taking the day off yesterday. I need more time to get it all together!! I only organized. I didn't clean anything. My bathrooms and kitchen still need cleaning! I just organized the dining room, the living room, Lil'Ds room and my bedroom. My bedroom is no where near being done. I have the furniture in the place where I want it, but I still need to purge and organize all my stuff.


MORE CHANGES TO ADOBE. I was almost there. Today the project manager and I were supposed to go to the jobsite and verify that the cabinets, as drawn, were going to fit ok. Well, yesterday (while I was off), the client had an architect out to the jobsite. The architect started making MAJOR changes. We've been working on this project for a while now. He wants to get rid of a wall and move kitchen around. Which is great and fine, but I don't understand why we are doing this now. We were working around the existing walls because the client wants to eventually bull doze the house and build a new one. He just wanted to fix the place up to live in while he got the plans drawn up and the approvals from the city. I put the brakes on the whole job today. I have worked on this kitchen for at least 80 hours. I have re done the design twice. This will be the third time. All I can do now is wait for Senior Designer to get back from vacation and start over again!


My blow dryer went kaput this morning. I thought the outlet was going out. I have to go blow dryer shopping. I'm not really happy about that. I am saving for a straightening iron, a really nice one. I don't want to spend money on a blow dryer, again. My hair actually fixed pretty decent just letting it air dry.


I love the dollar area at Target!!! Just thought I would remind you!


My Dad's birthday is tomorrow. My Mom's birthday is next Monday. They are a year apart.


I really like watching The Deadliest Catch. It is a good show. It is amazing watching these men overcome the ocean and weather.


We have had our video camera for two years and he just realized last night that is has an SD card and can download it onto his laptop. Two years people. That's why it is so important to read the instructions and the manual. I will give him this: he was a brand new Dad and had a lot to do. The important thing is we know this now! So we can put video straight to the laptop. There goes all the memory we had!!!


It's been really humid in San Diego. I am so fortunate that my office is nice and comfortable! As soon as I got home today I started sweating. It got worse as I played with Lil'D in the backyard. The only good thing is that the wind was blowing.


Lil'D has decided that he does not want to sit in his highchair anymore. At daycare he doesn't sit in one anymore, he sits at the picnic table with the bigger kids. So we have been putting him in a booster at the table. He likes it a lot better.


The Closer with Kyra Sedgwick started yesterday and I missed the first episode of the new episode. Boo, I love this show!!!! It is awesome.

♥ Elliemae


Perfectly Misc said...

Hey there!

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog!! :) I am bad at posting comments, but just felt I should today!! :)

be blessed today! :)

Jenny said...

I really like the deadliest catch too! The first time I saw it, my husband and I ended up watching an entire marathon of shows. Not much was accomplished that weekend!

Yay for figuring out the camcorder!!