July 17, 2008

Fun stuff I have found today...

Look what I found today. The owner of the etsy shop PRISMA is Brenna and she is seventeen! Here is her profile:

My name is Brenna. (Not Breanna or Brenda - Brenna!) I am a seventeen year-old, high school graduate who enjoys crafting & all things handmade, vintage, retro, geeky, & Japanese! I would like to have a career in Business (& eventually Fashion Design) when I graduate, so I believe starting here at Etsy is a great opportunity.I will treat all of my customers & their purchases with great care.

I ♥ video games.

I ♥ anime/manga.

I ♥ fairy tales.

I ♥ Asian (mainly Japanese) culture.

I ♥ rainbows, clouds, & rainy days.

I ♥ tea.

I ♥ cats, cephalopods, & pandas.

I ♥ photography.

If you would like a chance to win one of her rings or felt badges go visit

Bethany at Vermillion Rules!

This is what I want to win:

I am so inspired to be crafty!!!

Hope you enjoy!!

♥ Elliemae

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