July 15, 2008

Weekend update...

It was a good weekend overall!

Friday I got off work at around 2pm and just went home and rested. Jeremy picked up Lil'D and had a soccer game to get to. Before he left, Lil'D wanted shin guards and socks like Daddy. So, Jeremy found my old shin guards and some socks and put them on Lil'D. Of course, Lil'D wanted to go outside. Daddy left and we headed over to the soccer fields by our house. The gate was locked. We decided to walk by Auntie E's house, they were leaving for their soccer game as well. If I had know that they were going to be playing Jeremy's team I would have gone with Lil'D. It is so hard to get him off the field and then have him watch Daddy play soccer. He, being a toddler, can't sit still and doesn't understand why he can't get back on the field and play.

So we headed over to the big field that is surrounded by palm trees. We kicked the ball around a little. There was a Dad and his 5yo son and almost 2yo daughter playing baseball. Lil'D walked right up and helped himself to a bat and said "my turn." The Dad threw some balls to Lil'D and he kept asking "Again, again." The Dad took turns throwing to Lil'D and his son. It turns out that his 5yo son's birthday was June 22. Lil'D's was June 16. Very cool. Then he started talking about how they were leaving for Texas in a couple of weeks. I asked where. He said "this little small town called Marshall." No way. Marshall is about 80 miles north of Nacogdoches. We were big football rivals. Small world. So after Spencer (the Dad) and his kids went home, Lil'D and I continued to play. We found a hill for Lil'D to run down. He wore himself out. Some times on the way down he wouldn't fall. But most times he would fall right at the very end. He also kept taking a break and walking over between two palm trees and saying "sit down, sit down" and he would watch a guy who was hitting golf balls on the big field. Then he would get up again and go up the hill and run down. He must have ran down that hill at least 40 times. He went right to sleep at bedtime.

Saturday, Lil'D slept till 7:30. We went to the swap meet. I found 5 frames for 6 dollars. I am going to sand them and paint them to match, put white matte board in them, with no glass and put Lil'Ds art in them. I can change them out when I want. Apparently, I had fallen asleep on the couch as soon we got back home. Jeremy put Lil'D down for his nap and I slept for about an hour. I never take naps. I don't like naps. Guess I needed it. When Lil'D woke up from his nap, it was date time. We packed Lil'D up, blanket, Lion and all and walked over to Auntie E and Uncle RD's and dropped Lil'D off. This was going to be his first night without either one of us. Jeremy and I were going out to celebrate our 10 year anniversary!

We went to an early movie and saw Wanted. It was a really good action movie. Lots of violence and too much curse words. I really liked to story and some of the cool effects. I actually like Angelina Jolie in this movie. I really liked the character she played. Just way too much cursing for me. After the movie we went to the Macaroni Grill. Jeremy printed out a coupon for a free appetizer, we had the Parmesan-Crusted Artichoke Cakes. Yummy!! Jeremy loved them too. (he is not a vegetable guy at all) I ordered Eggplant Parmesan and was really disappointed. They had burned it a little and the taste just wasn't there. But, Jeremy had the Pinot Grigio Chicken. It was delish!!! We had a good waiter and enjoyed drawing on the paper table cloth with crayons!!! It was a nice evening out. We got back to the house and were bored. We played a game of Trivial Pursuit DVD Pop Culture. Jeremy won, as usual. The game gave Jeremy the final question that it had asked the last time we played it. The last time we played this game was with Kaydee and The Intimidator. Kaydee won with the answer: Rolex. So, I think Jeremy should have had to answer a different questions. But, we were tired so we went to bed.

Sunday morning. We slept in for the first time in two years!!! We got up around 9:30am. AAhhh. We called Auntie E and Uncle RD to see where they were at around 11am. Auntie E wasn't ready so they kept him for another hour or so. I was excited to see him walk up to the door outside. He was grinning ear to ear with his sock monkey in his hand! Auntie E and Uncle RD said that he never cried once and was so good the whole time. They absolutely wore him out. We should have stayed home and ate lunch, but Jeremy and I needed to go to the mall to get a card. Lil'D had past his threshold and was really whiny. He needed a nap. We finally got home and we put him down for a nap. I went to Target and spent $15.00. I was only supposed to get cereal. I got 4 boxes (raisin bran, regular Cheerios, fruity Cheerios, and frosted shredded wheat) for $7.00 minus $1.00 (coupon) for $6.00!!! Can't beat that, considering cereal jumps from anywhere of $2.99 -$4.99 a box these days. I also went nuts in the $1.00 section. Target had all kinds of educational stuff. Here is what I got:

  • Erasable placemat to trace capital letters on one side and small letters on the back.
  • United States board book
  • First Words board book
  • First Animals board book
  • First ABCs board book
  • Small (3" diameter) world globe
  • Learning clock
  • Presidents of the United States flash cards
  • Multi-color ink pen with cherries on the outside for me
  • and a small notebook for me. (I have a weakness for journals and notebooks)

I put back a wall world map, and united states wall map, first numbers board book, erasable placement to trace cursive letters, and the cutest little post its. I had to resist. It was overload. I love the dollar area!!!

We went to the grocery store when Lil'D got up. We also gave him the drum that we had bought at the swap meet. It also came with jingle bells, one xylophone with mallet, a tambourine a wooden cylinder shaped instrument that has ridges and you rub a stick against it and it makes a zip sound. It also has rock or something in it and you can shake it. He absolutely loves it and can't get enough of it! We think he is going to be a drummer. He loves to play drums on everything.

Monday I had the day off! I took Lil'D to daycare and worked really hard in the house. I organized as much as I could all day. I didn't finish at all. Things are still out of place. I need another day to finish. I really need a week! Sometimes it is so hard to get that place organized. If I was there more, it probably wouldn't be such a big chore. But because I work all day, come home and spend time with my family. I am too tired to do anything after Lil'D goes to bed. I just want to sit and be brainless for a bit before bed. I need to get out of this laziness I am in and get on it better!!!!

It was nice to have the extra day, but work is work and it really didn't feel like a day off.


♥ Elliemae

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Jenny said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!! It sounds like you had a great weekend!!