July 5, 2008

Letters to Lil'D

My sweetest Lil'D,

I have decided to write letters to you so that I can remember your childhood better and thought you might have fun reading it one day.

This week you figured out how to bowl on the Wii. You finally figured out which button to push and release as you swing you arm, all at the same time. You bowled a 75 all by yourself. I was so proud of you figuring all that out. I know it was frustrating, but you are only going to get better at it. Soon you will be learning how to use a mouse and typing on your own blog all by yourself.

Your favorite tv show is the Doodlebops right now. DeeDee, Rooney, and Moe are the characters. I think Moe is your favorite. You are always hiding in your closet, then opening the door and jumping out yelling "Tada...here I am." That is what Moe says in every episode. Moe also plays the drums and you really love drums. Speaking of drums you are also really into the Animusic DVDs. You are completely enamored when they are playing. You have also gotten into the habit of saying next song. That is Daddy's fault.

You and Daddy have been adding silly things to your routine. Like at bedtime you used to lay in your crib with your finger on your lips and your eyes closed waiting for Daddy to put chapstick on your lips. Now you love to hold the chapstick, take the lid off, apply it to your lips, put the cap back on and sometimes repeat it over again. I watched you do this over and over again for 20 minutes in the backseat of the car one evening. You still can't spin the lid off yourself, but you make the back and forth motion like you do know what your doing.

Another silly thing you and Daddy are doing is your highfives when you go night-night. You give Daddy knuckles, then highfive, then daddy gives you more fives really fast and then tickles your neck. You love this so much and it usually gives you the hiccups. You went to bed quite a few nights this week with the hiccups.

I've also enjoyed you and Daddy wrestling on the living room floor. Actually, it's Daddy laying on the floor, you crawling on Daddy's back then jumping off. You love to jump off of everything...curbs, books, toys whatever you can find that Mommy doesn't think is too high. Just this week we went to North County Fair. We let you loose in the children's play area and you went nuts. There is a little bridge that is about 24" off the ground. You are really supposed to slide down it, but all the bigger kids were jumping, so of course you had to jump. I cringed and you landed on your feet, caught yourself with your hands, and almost kept going. It was so funny. You looked up and laughed and were so happy. You did it over and over again.

This week we also went to your 2 year wellness doctor appointment. The waiting room has a glass window that has letters on it with the doctor's office name on it. You spelled out G-R-O-Q-P. You pointed at each letter and almost spelled group. The letters were even backwards. I was so proud!

We had a super busy 3 day weekend! On Thursday night we went to the zoo for a couple of hours. You walked up the hill to the polar bears all by yourself and we took the buckets back to the front and looked at all the snakes. You weren't that interested in the snakes...yet. On Friday, we went to Legoland. You rode the airplanes twice and this time you and Daddy rode the boats. You watched the fireworks so intently. After they were done you said "Again!" We walked back home and Z and Nate jumped out a scared you the whole way home. "Again, again," you said the whole way home. On Saturday we went to the Wild Animal Park. We have done so much that you put your hat on in the car and was ready to go. You used to dislike wearing your hat, but today you wore it gladly. I think you finally figured out that it keeps the sun out of your face. We saw lots more animals today and on the way back to the car you counted to twenty all by yourself. After we got you home and napped we drove downtown to watch the airplanes land. There wasn't much going on so we "cruised" downtown with the top down. You really loved it. You have been up past your bedtime for 3 days in a row. Tomorrow we've got to get you back on schedule. You had so much fun you didn't want to go to bed.

You are growing up so fast and I am enjoying every minute with you. I burst with joy thinking about how much I love you. I have never known a love like this before. Every passing day is another fun adventure that I am happy to take with you for as long as you will invite me!!



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