July 21, 2008

Weekend update...

This weekend was packed with fun stuff and was oh so relaxing!!

Friday evening Jeremy had a soccer game, but before his game we played and played with Lil'D. We played trains for the longest time. Lil'D loves trains!!

Saturday we had lots of family time. We played cars, trains, and whatever else all morning. We got the grocery store out of the way and then headed down to Qualcomm stadium. Today was the San Diego Fire Expo:

There was a parade of like 50 firetrucks blowing their horns and running their sirens. A helicopter also landed in the parking lot. I think Lil'D was in heaven!! He got a firehat and a smokey the bear hat. He like the badge he got to from smokey the bear. There were tons more kid activites, maybe next year Lil'D can participate more. After Lil'Ds nap we drove downtown and put the top down on the convertible. Since the ballpark was built, downtown is the place to be! Lil'D said hi to all the people. He is so friendly. We found some steep hills and did "hands up." We also found a great spot to watch the airplanes come in. They fly right over you. Lil' was out like a light at bedtime! I stayed up till 3am. I love to stay up and night. I haven't stayed up that late in a while

Sunday morning I slept in. Jeremy and Lil'D played all morning. Jeremy brought Lil'D in the bedroom at around 9am and Lil'D was so excited to see me. "Mama, WAKE UP!" he kept saying. I was already awake and about to get up before they came in. It was really a nice way to be woken up! After playing trains all morning, we decided to go to Old Poway Park and ride the train. We were hoping to ride the steam train, but the speeder was going instead. This was our first visit. The park was really pretty. It had lots of trees, large rocks and fun bridges and a picnic area. I got some really great shots of Lil'D. I dressing him up in some overalls and he actually wore his Thomas engineer hat. I really didn't expect him to keep the hat on. It stayed on the entire time. He was simply adorable. I can't wait to show you the pics. I just haven't had a chance to post them. The rest of the day was pretty relaxing. Lil'D napped, Jeremy and I watched a movie and did absolutely nothing. It was lovely!

We had a wonderful weekend, hope you did too!!!

♥ Elliemae

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Jenny said...

Wow, that sounds like a really great weekend!! Lots of fun and lots of relaxation...that's the best!