July 3, 2008

Think Pink Thursday!!!


Ok, today is the first day of Think Pink. I unfortunately didn't have time to take my own pictures but I found something REALLY interesting! If you would like to participate (all 2 of ya) put together a post about pink stuff that you just love!! Leave me a comment and let me know that you did it! When this gets big enough (ha ha) I will add a Mr. Linky. Have fun!!

Ok...Pink kitchens, that is what I picked today. I found a couple of photos some of which are not that bad and I would LOVE to do this! I found all of these in a flickr pool called Pink Rooms.

photo credit: kimhas6cats

photo credit: S.o.L.e

photo credit: midcenturyjo

photo credit: Kittypinkstars

photo credit: ladyinpink2006

Click on this link to see one more pink kitchen. I couldn't save the photo, but I still wanted to include it!

Look at these pink appliances from Elmira Stove Works:

approximately $3,495

approximately $3,995

approximately $749

These things make me so happy!! I love it when people think outside the box with pink!!!

Like I said my intention was not to find photos from the internet. I really wanted to photograph my own pink items. I just ran out of time. Hope you had fun! I know I did!!

♥ Elliemae


Jenny said...

ooohhh, I will most definitely play along next thursday!!

I love the stove, fridge and microwave. If I had an extra ten grand laying around, I would be hittin' up that store!

Happy 4th!

Carrie said...

Love the kitchen...and accessories to go. Totally Mary Kay style---but since I'm a consultant (sort of)...I would rock this!!! Happy 4th!

Kaydee said...

I am way more into pink than I used to be, but you still have me beat by a mile. (Also, I keep think what J would think if you did that to the kitchen!)