January 21, 2008

Weekend update...

Friday night, Lil'D and I hung out together. J had a soccer game. I had a pretty quiet night. Saturday morning we took Lil'D over to Auntie E's at 9:45am. J and I went to the movies at 10:30 to see Cloverfield. It was a good movie. Different, but good. After the movie we picked up Lil'D and took him home for his nap. He had gone to a soccer game and was worn out. While he was napping, J and I cleaned the kitchen, the dining room and the kitchen floor. J scrubbed the kitchen floor on his knees. It looked beautiful after he was done.

We went to North County Fair and had dinner. JC Penney was having a great sale. We got $98.00 worth of clothes for Lil'D for only $28.00. I love a sale! We also made an appointment for our family portraits next Saturday at 10:20am. I've been meaning to do that for a month. I'm only a month behind...progress!

Sunday morning we overslept. Lil'D let us sleep till 8:30. We obviously missed church. We decided to run errands before we had company. We went to the grocery store and got some snacks for the big game. The big game started at 12pm. The San Diego Chargers vs. the new england patriots. We were one game short of going to the super bowl. We lost, the patriots go to the super bowl undefeated. Boo. AND the giants are going to the super bowl also. Let's see the partiots or the giants. Boo and boo. Elliemae's household will not be watching the super bowl! Yeah!!!

We relaxed the rest of the evening.

Mondays are just stinky days. The work day just snailed by. Finally, 5pm came. Tomorrow will be much better. I am going to the Barn Residence with "Senior" designer. I will be taking pictures. I can't wait.

Until tomorrow!

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