January 30, 2008

Lil'D is taking another sick day...

I went to work yesterday after J came home at 1:30pm. I got home at 6pm and Lil'D had a temperature of 102. By 9pm he had 103. We called the nurse helpline and she said that after 3 days take him to the doctor. She also suggested giving him corn syrup for his cough. Who would have thought. It did help his cough. After his bath, we put him to bed. We woke him up at 9pm for a dose of Tylenol. He was really hot. I stayed up till 1am to give him another dose. He was sweating and seemed to be cooler. I slept better.

Lil'D didn't wake up till 8:30am. He was really thirsty. After breakfast we played with almost every toy he owned. I even created some new playthings. By the time J got home, it was nap time. I ate lunch and headed into work. At least I got 4 hours in today. Apparantly, J and Lil'D played pretty hard, because Lil'D was exhausted when I got home. We fed him, bathed him, gave him corn syrup again and put him to bed. After about and hour and a half we gave him another dose of Tylenol. I just want his fever to break for good. It's almost 10pm and he is in his room talking away on and off.

Oh, and last night I tried to make the midnight deadline for the photobook and I didn't make it. So, I entered a bunch of the giveaways. I am only on # 127 or like 800 and something. This is craziness!

Until tomorrow

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