January 17, 2008

My company Christmas party...

I'm just now really catching up on all the stuff that happened during December. I kind of just took the whole month off from blogging really. Let's start with:

My company Christmas party
We had a themed party..."Dance Fever." It was a 70s party. We actually had to dress up. Since I'm still struggling with my post pregnancy body I knew that costumes and thrift stores just wouldn't be fun AT ALL. I decided to make my dress. Luckily, I decided this while my Mom was visiting after Thanksgiving. We went to Wal-Mart and quickly looked at all the patterns and found this one:

We went to several fabric stores to find the right fabric. The last store was the best. Here is a swatch:

It was perfect!!! It took me one night to pin the pattern. One night to cut the pattern out. Then I started sewing. I think I made the bodice first, then the trim around the bodice (that was the hardest part, thank goodness my Mom was there to figure it out). I changed the sleeves and made them a bell / angel kind of sleeve instead of the two options on the pattern. It worked out perfect. Then I sewed the skirt. The zipper was hard. It was no where near perfect, but I made it work (like Tim Gunn says in Project Runway). Mom kept saying that..."make it work! Mom just guided me and I sewed the entire thing myself. After it was done and Mom was gone it fit kind of like a sack so I called up my friend from Russia who is an excellent seamstress. I went to her house one night and she basted some darts and took the dress up so easily. It took her about 20 minutes. She had me put the dress on inside out and she sewed all the basting while it was on me. It was amazing to watch. I really learned alot about just making it work. I just had to take it home and sew it with the machine. It took me about 30 minutes and it was finished. I also had to make a little fake rectangle piece in the back to hold the zipper down. It stuck out funny on my back. The fabric was slippery and stretchy and really hard to work with so that piece worked perfectly.

Drum roll please......................and here is the dress I made with my Mom's help!!!

We were playing a game and the guy in the picture was the DJ. I have no idea what he was doing.

This is my best friend Chica and I. Isn't she beautiful? She has a twin sister who did our makeup. Blue eyeshadow just doesn't look good on me. Blahh. It was a fun time though! It was at my boss's house. His wife decorated the place like a Studio 54 lounge. We had a wonderful italian catered dinner also.

This is my boss, Senior Designer.

This is my boss's wife and Chica in the above photo.

I used to be this guy's assistant before I got promoted to be the boss's assistant. His wife is my dancin' partner. We tear up the dance floor together at every Christmas party!

So, that was my Christmas party. I stayed until 2am. I was one of the last people to leave. I was in at home and in bed by 2:30am. My first late night out in a long, long time.

Until tomorrow

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Joe & Julie said...

Awesome dress! I can barely sew a button but look at you!