January 18, 2008

More catching up...Christmas day

So today I want to talk about Lil'D's 2nd Christmas. We woke up at about 6:30am. Lil'D had breakfast and we sat in front of the Christmas tree and gave Lil'D a present to open. We videotaped it and I forgot to take pictures of the first present. Here he is checkin' it out.

It's a Giggle N' Go Elmo Fire Department. He did everything really slow and we really just enjoyed the moment.

We gave him his tricycle after that first present because we had to be at Grandma & Grandpa Ham's at 9am. He already looks like he was overwhelmed...not quite sure what was going on. We just left the other gifts for later when we got back home.

Auntie E and her family came over at 8:30 to give Lil'D their gifts because they knew he was going to be overwhelmed with gifts at grandma & grandpa's.

Lil'D knew exactly what to do with the guitar. I guess he has watched J and I play Guitar Hero many times.

We took the new trike to grandma & grandpa's house, Lil'D really enjoyed all the gift opening. It was such a beautiful day too!

Our little boy is growing up already. He is so independent.

Here is a photo of Lil'D and I last year.
He couldn't even crawl yet. My how time flys.

Until tomorrow!

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