January 1, 2008

Happy New Year...


We got up this morning at 7am. We left for Knott's Berry Farm at 8:30. We arrived a little after 10am! We went with Auntie E and her husband and kids! We had a great time! Lil'D loved watching all the rollercoasters. He even rode the log ride and the mine train. He didn't like the mine train because it was so dark. He was so good all day. He slept for about an hour on the drive there and didn't take a nap all day. He didn't really whine at all. He was out at about 7:30pm. We left at about 8pm and got home a little before 10pm. We were all exhausted. We got Lil'D into his pajamas and he went right to bed, out like a light. So did J and I.

Our first day of the year was simply wonderful!

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Happy New Year - From Kaydee and the Intimidator