January 14, 2008

Weekend update...

Ok, so for the last 7 days I have been doing the Master Cleanse again. Today is day 8. I am quiting, I just can't make it to Wednesday. It's not that I'm hungry at all. I just miss food ALOT and I am so sick of the lemonade!!

This weekend was nice and relaxing, but being on a liquid diet was really difficult! I had my haircut on Saturday morning. After that we went to the zoo with Auntie E and her family. It was a perfect day. Afterwards, they all wanted to go to Corvette Diner. J had the most amazing looking Rory burger and Lil'Ds chicken strips smelled so delicious. It was torture!

Sunday was the big game! Chargers vs. the Colts. It was such an emotional game. We won...yes, we won!!! Wa-hooo! Dallas lost against the Patriots so we are playing the Patriots next weekend. The winner of that game goes to the SuperBowl. It would be so awesome if we won!

That was our weekend. I am eating carrots and celery tonight. I am done and I think my body is clean enough!!

Today at work I finished up the lighting for MustardStone Club. That is such a relief. I actually feel almost caught up on that project. It is the project in Montana. I am working on the kitchen right now. Here is the kitchen floorplan, just to give you a little peek:

Here is one of the elevations showing the refrigerators and the range:

This is what the space where the kitchen is going looks like right now:

And this is what the outside of the building looks like. I circled the kitchen window:

We have officially been working on this project for almost 4 years. It is insane how slowly they are building out there. We are finally in the process of ordering cabinetry!! We are not only doing the kitchen, we are also doing:

  • 2 bars
  • library
  • masterbath
  • 3 guest baths
  • 2 powder rooms
  • media room
  • laundry room
  • outdoor bbq

Can you believe I actually feel almost caught up on this? I completed all the details for the lighting and electrical for the whole unit. Here is the floorplan for the 1st floor:

And here is the floorplan for the 2nd floor:

Well that's enough for today!!

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