January 6, 2008

Weekend update...

The weekend went by fast, as usual. J and I had a date on Friday night. We went to see the new Will Smith movie, I Am Legend. It was really good. We saw in the IMAX theater. It's just a bigger screen. We had dinner at On The Border. I had Mexican Tortilla Soup. It was delightful. J had a chimichanga. It was the best chimichanga either of us had ever had. We were back home by 9pm. We are so old. We picked up Lil'D from Auntie E's and he went back to sleep with no problems.
Saturday was errands and then relaxing. It rained most of the day. We had a family birthday. My nephew,Z, turned 13. I can't believe it.
Sunday we spent the morning with Lil'D. We left for the Charger game at around noon. It was the first playoff game and we won! It rained the whole game. We were in the press box so it was a fun game for us!


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