August 28, 2007

Weigh in...WEEK 16

Weight 1st tuesday (5-1-07)______178
Weight 2nd tuesday (5-8-07)_____ 173
Weight 3nd wednesday (5-16-07)__174
Weight 4th tuesday (5-22-07)_____172
Weight 5th tuesday (5-29-07______172
Weight 6th tuesday (6-5-07)______170
Weight 7th tuesday (6-12-07)_____171
Weight 8th tuesday (6-19-07)_____170
Weight 9th tuesday_________ vacation
Weight 10th tuesday ________vacation
Weight 11th tuesday (7-10-07)_________________________170
Weight 12th tuesday (7-17-07)_________________________169
Weight 13th tuesday (7-24-07)_________________________168
Weight 14th tuesday (7-31-07)_________________________168
Weight 15th tuesday (8-7-07)__________________________167
Weight 16th tuesday (8-14-07)_________________________168
Weight 17th tuesday (8-21-07)_________________________167
Weight 18th tuesday (8-28-07)____________________168

Crap....that's all I have to say. It's completely my own doing. I just can't get motivated again like I did in the beginning. I see food, I eat it. I'm hungry ALL the time. I was so lazy last night and I didn't go running. I was just too tired.
I don't know how to loose 10 more pounds. I just feel like it's impossible.
More water, more willpower, more working out consistently!
-Until next week!


Mama Bear June said...

Maybe you could shake things up a big. Try having a high protein breakfast to start your day. Then have a healthy snack after 3 hours. I really am NEVER hungry - except for our class on Saturday night when I hadn't eaten since 1pm and they didn't order the pizza until 7:30 and we didn't eat until NINE O'CLOCK! I almost fainted! :-P
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Jan B said...

Fiber!! You need more fiber!! LOL, that's my battle cry. I am the hungriest when I don't get it.

Take care, I hope that your gain reverses next week, have a great weekend!

Gretchen said...

Maybe it's me, but I think 10 pounds is awesome. Of course I tend to lose very slowly. You've lost more than if you wouldn't have signe up for this challenge, so I tip my hat to you.

penguinsandladybugs said...

10 pounds is great!! For me, it takes 4 consistent days for my stomach to shrink and then I am not as hungry. My problem is having 4 consistent days. That's my story anyway. Hang in there...I am with ya!!!