August 13, 2007

I want to dig a big hole...

and bury myself in it.

I made a huge computer boo boo. I lost my entire current Barn cad file. On friday, I was sending some files to my home email. I sent did about 5 save as. On the fifth one I forgot to save as. I saved the portion that was supposed to be the save as, as my main drawing. First thing this morning I opened up the file and all that was there was the laundry room drawings. The rest was gone and had been gone since I left work on friday. So, no problem, we back up the server everyday. My drawing is there. The IT guy finally calls me at about 3:30 ready to retrieve the backup. He worked and worked and finally told me it was ready. The file wouldn't open. He did it again, it failed again. The file was coming up corupt. How could a drawing I had been working on just become corupt out of no where. I am really bummed! Tomorrow the IT guy is coming in to dig more and try again to retrieve the file.

When I got home, J had dinner ready and had done all the chores for today. He had even started on the office. We have a goal together to get the office organized in the month of August. Considering we have already burned 2 weekends, we don't have too much time left.

We ate dinner and then went for a walk. We walked to the softball fields and I let Lil'D run around. He loved it. He didn't like running toward the sun though.

Here is my Monday meme:
  1. Voyage :: cruise ship
  2. Patricia :: high school
  3. Transformation :: transformers
  4. Vocabulary :: words
  5. San Francisco:: bridge
  6. Edward :: king
  7. Sawyer :: lost
  8. Literary :: books
  9. Tiger :: stripes
  10. Seal :: of approval

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-Until tomorrow

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