March 30, 2007

Nothing exciting...

Nothing exciting happened today. I got off work at 11:15 and went to the Chiropractor. My shoulder is tingling. Hopefully the chiropractor will do some good. I ran some errands, went home and picked up the house. J brought Lil'D home and we all ate dinner. It was just lovely family time! We gave Lil'D a bath, fed him and put him to bed. He was so tired. He went up and down the hall at least 2 times tonight and that just wore him out!
J had a soccer game at 9:50 and didn't get home till 11:30. Time for bed!!
-Until tomorrow

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Kaydee said...

J didn't tell you that at that soccer game Kaydee twisted her ankle defending off a goal? It hurt like a son of a gun and The Intimidator had to carry me off the field. It is still sore this morning, but I think I'll live. We lost 5-4, but it was a heck of a game!!