March 6, 2007

So sorry to slack...

I just had to take a little break from the computer!! I have been blogging like a fein!! I did wonderfully in the month of February, which means it can be done!! I didn't get on the computer all weekend!! Wa-hoo!
I have had a wonderful, wonderful weekend!! On Friday at work, I started taking St. John's Wort. It has changed my mood completely!!!! When I got home I cleaned every corner of Lil'D's room. All of his toys have a place, all of his clothes have hangers or a place in the drawers. There are no bags with clothes that don't fit anymore or don't fit yet. EVERYTHING has a place. Yeah!
This weekend was nice. I did a quick clean through the house. Not everything is clean like it should be...but one step at a time! I even took some time to work on Lil'D's curtains. I really dislike making curtains from scratch!! It's really hard to get them straight. I'd much rather work with a pattern or an existing pair!
Lil'D took a lot of naps this weekend. I am so glad. I really want him to get all better. He has a very nasty cold. His cough sounds horrible. He's a trooper though. He is such a happy little guy to have such a bad cold.
I may take the whole week off from blogging...this Friday is my birthday! I am perpetually 29!!!
-Until tomorrow

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