March 29, 2007

24.Choose and take vitamins

Yeah, they arrived today!! I just ordered them yesterday. Super fast delivery!! I ordered them from Here are the two I am taking:

Rainbow Light, Just Once, Women's One Multivitamin
Women's One Multivitamin delivers complete, energizing nutritional support designed to balance and protect the female system, with:
Research-Backed Multivitamin Protection - customized to go beyond the minimal support afforded by 100% of the Daily Values to deliver protective potencies.
Iron and key Bone-Supporting Nutrients - such as magnesium, vitamin D, boron and calcium in carbonate and citrate/malate forms to support easy absorption.
Nourishing Women's Botanicals - featuring dong quai, soy isoflavones and red clover, plus high-potency B vitamins, energizing green foods and wholesome vegetable concentrates for overall vitality.
I haven't been very balanced with my diet so I need this stuff!! I hope to balance my diet better here in the near future!


Country Life, Maxi-Hair
This is a dietary supplement that nourishes hair, skin and nails. Ever since I couldn't breast feed anymore, my hair fell out in a couple of places. Hopefully this will help those spots grow faster. I am also a chronic nailbiter. I can't grow my nails out to save my nails. My skin needs help too. Lil'D has been touching my chin and I got 3 breakouts last weekend!

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