March 21, 2007

Lil'D has a big head...

So I left work today at 3pm, picked Lil'd up and met J at home. We took him to his 9 month wellness checkup. He had to get his Hepititus B shot. He was such a good boy. Although, since he left daycare early and didn't get his afternoon playtime he was so hyper for the 20 minutes we waited for the doctor.
Lil'D weighs: 21 pounds 12 ounces
Lil'D's height: 29 2/4"
Lil'D's head: I can't remember the measurement but his head is in the 95 percentile! HE HAS A BIG NOGGIN!!! :)
The doctor said that he is a perfectly healthy baby boy!!
He also got his toe pricked to check for anemia. Negative.
He didn't even cry when he got his shot. He was so brave. The nurse said that he has a high pain tolerance.
After the doctor's appointment we got everything ready for small group. Tonight we had a potluck so we brought Lil'D. It was a late night for him. He was a little on the delirious side he was so tired. He made it though. I thought for sure that he would try to fall asleep after about 8:30, but he just kept fiddlin' with whatever. He was good though and I enjoyed him being there with us.
Time for bed!
-Until tomorrow

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