March 9, 2007

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my birthday and it was a wonderful birthday! I got off work at about 12:15. My best friend Chica took me to lunch. We went to El Pescador. I had a calamari sandwiche. YUMMY!
After that I went to Marshall's. I found the purse I wanted! That is what Jeremy wanted to get me. I found some books too.
J had a soccer game tonight at 6:30. My brother called me to wish me a happy birthday. We talked for almost 3 hours. Lil'D was such a good boy. We played with books and cups while I was on the phone. He fell asleep while he drank his bottle. I changed him and put him to bed and continued the phone call with my brother. Earpieces are awesome!! I am so back into being a multi-tasker. We got off the phone at about 8:30. I enjoyed some "me" time reading a book. J got home with Rubio's for dinner! I had a crispy shrimp burrito. It is my favorite. It is also my last one!! Starting Monday my bad eating is OVER! I asked for the time change for my birthday (hee, hee), I am so spoiled, I always get what I want! workout is so on!! I am going to start out walking, then running!! It will be 9 months on Friday. It is so time, to make the time, to get this baby weight off!!
Another year down, I can't believe the age I am. Where did the time go?
-Until tomorrow

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