April 1, 2007

Weekend Re-cap

Saturday, J & I did all of about nothing. We have been working on getting the house organized every weekend that we felt we needed a break. Lil'D was climbing up on everything. First, the couch, then the coffee table, then he figured out he could pull up in his crib. What a beautiful sight to see my baby boy standing up waiting so anxiously for me to pick him up after his nap. He discovered all the fun things in his room that he could pull himself up with in his room to. Then he got brave enough to fall back on the floor just to do it all over again. He would look at the floor and either belly flop to get down or just push back and sit on his bottom. He couldn't stay on his bottom and he would just roll over backward and "bonk" on the floor with his head. He would just look over at me and giggle. It is so hard to just let your baby fall. But, he has got to learn, right? I, of course, softened his fall if he was going to hit something and oh alright, I caught him a few times because I just couldn't stand that slight little "bonk" that the floor makes. It's not hard, but he's hitting his sweet little head. He's tough though and I have to let him be tough sometimes. He is so proud of himself though. Once he stands up he just stands there and entertains himself, hitting the surface of whatever he is holding on to, bouncing up and down (he looks like he's dancin') and saying "BUH....BUH!!!"
On Sunday, we put Lil'D in daycare for the first time at church. We went to the 8:15 service. I know there are only 3 kids at the most at that time. I knew that I had to do it sometime. So, now was the time. Plus, one of my really good friends serves in the nursery at this time and that always makes me feel better. But the main reason for not putting in the nursery was because of illness. Lil'D has had 5 colds since he was born. The last one was a big ol' meanie. We had to give him antibiotics and his cough was so bad. At his daycare during the week, those little ones just pass sickness back and forth to each other. There are only 6 kids including Lil'D. Once one of them get it, then all the parents and siblings get it. It never ends. So, when my Lil'D is well it is so hard to put him in the nursery at church. I really needed to put him in so that he wouldn't get separation anxiety when he got older and he needs to get to know all the kids at church. It's so hard to get connected. Especially with me being shy. The MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) meets on Tuesday mornings at like 10am. I can't go to this at all, no choices involved. I just don't understand how they could exclude mothers who have to work. I don't mean to sound like I'm whining, but ok I am. The one thing about having Lil'D was that I didn't really know any women with children and everyone told me "when you have the baby, you will get to know tons of moms." Well, I hardly ever see the Moms at Lil'D's daycare. We drop off and pick up at such different times. Even when they are there, they are ready to leave as soon as they get their little ones. My small group leader has a 2 1/2 year old son and a precious 1 day old baby. She has been a super blessing to me in times of need and when I have questions. I see her at least once a week! Also, my friend Sarah Jean. She used to be the receptionist where I work, we hardly ever get to see each other because we have such busy work schedules. We had lunch last week and she brought her precious Lil'B with her. Lil'B is 1 1/2 and she is a handful!! Those are the only Mom's in my life right now. I'm not the kind of person that can just go out and meet moms because I'm just so painfully shy. It's like a disease when in the moment.
Anyway (sorry about the derailment on Moms), Sunday afternoon, J went to the movies. I didn't go because everyone wanted to see Blades of Glory. If it has Will Ferrell in it, it is just too painful for me to watch. Stupid comedy is just not for me. I went shopping with Lil'D and we had a great time! After the movie and shopping we went to the hospital where PK were. (PK are my small group leaders, we go to their house every Wednesday night and have bible study) They just had their baby, he was only 10 hours old. So sweet!! The true test was given...seeing a newborn didn't make me want one...yet anyway.
I also found out that my dear friend Amy Jo is pregnant!!!! Answered prayers!! Praise the Lord!! She is 9 weeks along!! She is going to have a halloween baby.
So, after eating dinner, feeding Lil'D, giving Lil'D a bath and putting him to bed, J and I relaxed for the rest of the evening. Where did the weekend go? Same place they always go...fast! Boo
-Until tomorrow

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Kaydee said...

Oh my goodness! If I hadn't seen you on Tuesday and Wednesday I would have asked you to check to make sure your fingers didn't fall off from all that typing. That was quite a re-cap! I love reading your blog. It is nice to read about someone else's life that I know; not like a celebrity. So keep on blogging!!