March 27, 2007

I'm really tired...

For the past two days I have been really tired. I think my body is fighting off a cold. J has a cold and is all stuffed up. I just hope that Lil'D doesn't get it! I also have not been drinking enough water. It is amazing how just drinking enough water can make you feel so much better. My head has been hurting on and off all day. If I would just take the time to drink enough water I would probably feel better.
PJ, my officemate, has been sick yesterday and today. It has been pretty quiet in my office. Usually we get silly at some point of the day. Sometimes we laugh till we cry. Not that we goof around all day, but we just banter back and forth all day about random things or about what we are working on and sometimes it's just really funny what we come up with. I miss her, it's really super quiet without her.
I have made dinner two nights in a row now. Last night I made a recipe called Chicken Breast Implants. I cut some breasts in half and stuffed them with feta cheese. I coated the chicken with ritz cracker crumbs and then I baked them. They were really good!
Tonight I really didn't cook, but I prepared the marinade last night that the meat sat in until this evening. J grilled it and heated up some real mashed potatoes and gravy that we bought at the grocery store deli. So, I really didn't cook tonight, but I prepared the meat. Counts for something. Tomorrow is crock pot day! I'm making To die for crock pot roast. We will see if it is to die for.
I fed Lil'D while J heated up the potatoes. He sat and ate a cracker so quietly while J and I ate.
We ran to Wal-mart tonight for a few things, gave Lil'D a bath and fed him. I also clipped his nails. They grow so fast. While J holds him and feeds him his bottle, I clip his nails. He just sits there and watches me. After he finishes his bottle, we take him into his room. I lay him in the bed and J turns on his humidifier and music. I kiss him goodnight and give him his pacifier and blanket. J tells him goodnight and turns out the light. We close the door and off to sleepy land he goes!
-Until tomorrow

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