August 20, 2006

A wrench in our plan (not a bad thing)

So, J & I had made an appointment for todayto meet the landlord from the house yesterday at 1pm. We had decided to just go with that house because the location was perfect. It is 1 street over from Auntie E. My phone rang this morning at 9:30 and it was someone calling me back from yesterday. I had only made 2 calls on properties. I called the guy back and this house was still available. The guy said that we could drive by the house and then call him if we wanted to see the inside. Auntie E called and had found this incredible propery. It is really unbelievable how wonderful it is!! J called the number and left a message. So J & I drive by the first house and we call the guy back and tell him we want to see the inside. He said he couldn't get there for about 35 minutes. The guy from the awesome house calls and can't make it to the property today but could make an appointment for tomorrow. He told us to drive by the house and peek in the windows and if we liked it to let him know and he would call us tomorrow to set up an appointment. We drove to the house and looked in the windows. It has pergo flooring in the living room, the 3nd bedroom and the bonus room. It has slate in the kitchen. The kitchen cabinets are maple shaker. There are brand new stainless steel appliances. The other 2 bedrooms have carpet. There is only one bathroom and a one car garage. I instantly called this guy back and left a message and told him I definitely wanted the place. We drove back to the other house and looked inside. It was actually nice. The garage is huge and it has a laundry room inside the house! The kitchen has a lot of light. Is has a dishwasher! and all new appliances and freshly painted cabinets.
So now we play the waiting game. I am calling on that awesome house first thing in the morning. I am trying not to get my hopes up. It is just to good to be true. You just don't find houses like that to rent.
All of the family got together this evening for Andy's 15th birthday party. We had yummy cake.
I guess I am going to start packing tomorrow. I think I will start in the kitchen. We don't use any of our plates or cups because I don't have a dishwasher. We use paper and plastic!! I use some pots and pans to cook in but I hate to wash them!!! I am so lazy!! I took all the dishwashers in my life for granted.
I spent some time today changing the colors on my blog. I really like it alot. It is really happy and fresh and makes me crave sherbert!!
Lil D slept alot today, which means he's probably not going to sleep through the night. That's ok. Just knowing that it is possible makes me feel good. He was a bit fussy tonight. Not sure why. I thought for sure after his bath he would settle down but he is just fighting sleep tonight. I rocked him to sleep and put him down and, boink, his eyes were wide open. Hopefully tonight won't be a long night!
-Until tomorrow

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