August 4, 2006

Lil D is 7 weeks old

I can't believe how fast time is flying. It's crazy. Lil D slept for 6 1/2 hours straight tonight. I just got up to pump. We are so blessed to get all that sleep. I can't believe he is so close to sleeping through the night. Today Lil D and I spent the day with Auntie E. Lil D loves her. He just sleeps and never makes a peep with her. She went to Ross with Lil D & I so I could get a couple of shirts. I am still in the awkward stage where shirts are too small in the waist if they fit me up top. It is quite frustrating!
The last doctor appointment I lost 27 pounds. Today I have a doctor's appointment at 10:20. I am anxious to see how much more I have lost. I know that it's not going to be as large of an amount as the first appointment. But I know it will be something! I have to be patient because it took 9 months to put on all the weight and it will take probably that time and more to get it off. Patience..Patience.
The sun is coming up I need to get a few more hours of sleep before I get up!
Here is a cute photo of Lil D yesterday morning when we got up.

He was all cuddled and wedged in the pillows. We were watching him of course! It makes me nervous to put him in our bed. He loves to wedge himself under stuff!

Here is another before we went to bed the night before. We don't let him sleep with us. We usually put him in the middle of our bed while we are brushing our teeth and stuff.

-Until tomorrow

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