August 6, 2006

Time is flying!

It is amazing how fast the weekend always goes by. Of course time if flying even faster now that I have a sweet baby! Yesterday I scrapbooked at church while Lil D stayed with Auntie E again. I scrapbooked on and off again when I got home. When Lil D napped, I scrapped. I got 4 pages done. Yeah accomplishment! It feels really good. Lil D was just the sweetest baby yesterday. He didn't seem to have any stomach aches or gas. He seemed to be a happy baby. J & I also went to church, the first time in 7 weeks. We sat in the cry room. Lil D slept the whole time. It felt great to go back. After church we went to the zoo with Lil D's Grandma & Grandpa. It was a really nice day and night! J & I were tired pushing the stroller up some pretty steep hills at the zoo. We both got workouts!
J & I didn't get out of bed till 10am this morning! I got up and started painting the bolt on Lil D's wall. That literally took all day because I was at Lil D's mercy. I also scrapbooked again today. I almost got 2 more pages done. I got a little break today and went to Michael's by myself. I bought some stencil paint for the bolt. It is amazing how revived I felt just having an hour and a half to myself. We also watched Nascar today, I only got to see part of the race. Jimmie Johnson won. I don't really like him and I don't know why. My favorite is Jeff Gordon. His car crapped out on the first couple of laps. I also like Dale Earnhardt Jr. He came in 5th. Tomorrow I am going over to Auntie E's again. Her 2 boys are away at camp this week and her husband is away for a few days for work. It will be just her and her daughter, Andy. I think I'm gonna scapbook more!! I want to stay caught up on Lil D's scrapbook.
-Until tomorrow

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