August 4, 2006

J & I went out!

Today Lil D and I just hung out. He ate, pooped and fussed all day. Everytime I put him down for a nap he woke up. He would only stay sleep in my arms. I am really glad he doesn't do this at night. I didn't get to take a nap today and I really wanted to.
J & I took Lil D to his Auntie E's and we went to the movies with friends. We saw Taladega Nights. It was ok. It was nice to just be out and cry free for a couple of hours. I know that Lil D is safe with Auntie E also.
We just got home and I was putting together all the stuff I want to scrapbook with for tomorrow. I am going to scrapbook with the ladies at church tomorrow morning. I am taking my niece Andy with me. I am already behind on scrapbooking Lil D's memories. Free time is just harder to get lately.
Lil D needs to be fed and then it is off to bed. Goodnight!
-Until tomorrow

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