August 21, 2006


Lil D and I slept in this morning till about 10am. The guy with the awesome house called and wanted to know how flexible J & I was on meeting him at the house to look inside. He also wanted to email us the applications.
Lil D and I went for a nice long walk this morning. It was nice. Lil D slept.
When I got back, J & I filled out the applications and emailed them back. The guy called and said he would meet us there at 2:30. J & I had lunch and drove there. It is still awesome and wonderful. We will see if we get it not.
I worked on my blog a little more today.
I watched a little tv and played with Lil D.
I am so into Sudoku puzzles now!! I am doing the ones in the newspaper everyday! They are my new addiction!
-Until tomorrow

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