August 23, 2006

More packing...

I packed up the dining room, the living room and the guest bathroom. I am feeling really good about getting all the packing done this week!! As time goes by I am dealing with everything pretty good! I am running out of boxes though. I should have called my work and told them to save boxes for me for the week. I will be packing up the office tomorrow. J is going on a day trip for work tomorrow. He is leaving at 5:30am and coming back at 8:30pm. He is going to be tired.
We got an email from the guy from the house. We did not get the house. Someone else beat us to it. I started thinking last night about some of the things that the guy told us about the house. The owner had to move because he got transfered for his job. So he could actually want to move back in the house in a year or two. I want a place that we can stay for a while. We are not looking to buy a house at all. We would possibly stay for 7-8 years. I called back the people from the first house that we looked at that is one street over from my sister-in-laws house. They were so glad to hear from us because they like us so much. We went over to their house and filled out an application and it sounds really good. We will know tomorrow.
Auntie E had Lil D tonight because we went to small group. They are really excited that we could be living one street over!!
-Until tomorrow

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