August 28, 2006

Packing, packing & more packing!

I went to the DMV early this morning and paid my truck registration and got the custom plates that J got me for my birthday!! The wait actually wasn't that long. Auntie E came over at about 10:45am. I got a ton of boxes packed!! I think I am close to having this house 75% packed!! I went an ran errands with Auntie E (taking her kids to get haircuts, then to soccer practice). We also went and looked for boxes. We found a lot! I am glad, buying boxes is just retarded. I stayed for dinner. Uncle R made hash browns, bacon & eggs and mixed it all together. It was really good!! Just what I needed, comfort food!
Lil D was so awesome today! He was so patient at the DMV. He got a little fussy at the end, but I held him in my arms and he was ok. He was good while Auntie E was here and then he took a long nap while we ran the errands. He waited 4 hours to eat and then he ate for 23 minutes. He hasn't done that in a long time. He cried all the way home though. I guess he really missed Daddy all day long! The last 5 minutes was really upsetting. It makes me upset that he cries and I can't calm him. Of course I am driving, but usually singing to him while I'm driving calms him. It didn't work this time. It made me sad.
Daddy managed to calm him. We bathed him, I fed him and he went to sleep. Yeah!!
-Until tomorrow

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