August 25, 2006

My 100th post and another week gone...

Happy Friday! I didn't think that while being on maternity leave I would look forward to the weekends like I did when I was at work, but I do even more. Weekends mean time with J! During the week he has his work face on and is tired at night. The weekend is my time with him and we always have so much fun together. He is my very best friend and I love him so much.
I packed up the rest of Lil D's room today. Auntie E came over from 10am-2pm. J and I are creating a serious budget now that we have Lil D!! We want to be able to plan lots of fun things with him when he gets older and we need to start spending and saving our money wisely. Before Lil D, J & I were fly by the seat of our pants kind of people. We did things on a whim without much thought and planning. Now we feel that it is so important to be more responsible than before. Lil D is our main priority!!
Lil D saw his hand for the first time yesterday it was so cute. Here is a picture of him studying it:
It was the funniest thing. He would watch it whiz by his face and couldn't figure out what it was. He would just concentrate so hard on it and then it would move away. Of course he hasn't figured out that he controls it. He puts it in his mouth and tries really hard to lean forward to get it in his mouth farther but can't quite figure out why it doesn't work.
He is such a cutie pie and the joy of my life!! I have come to the conclusion that he is slightly spoiled. I rock him in my arms, he falls asleep, I try to gently put him in his crib...and he wakes up. Then he starts to pout and then cries until I pick him up and he falls asleep again. Today it happened 3 times in a row. I do think that he had a tummy ache because he was super clingy. Tonight J & I watched the movie Nanny McPhee and Lil D was being whiny and he kept putting his head under my chin and cuddling next to me while he was half crying. He finally went to sleep but usually he doesn't wedge his head underneath my chin. It was really sweet and I cherish all cuddles with him!! He is such a sweet boy!! He is definitely smiling a lot more lately. Here is his latest smile:

He's got me wrapped around his finger!! Posted by Picasa

Ham for the camera! Posted by Picasa
Anyways...I am definitely up too late tonight. It's just so hard to find some me time during the days. Friday night, Lil D is asleep...I'm taking advantage.
-Until tomorrow

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