August 19, 2006

Small crisis...

I am somewhat stressed out. I am almost in disbelief that this is happening.
On Wednesday our landlord called and left a message. They are selling the house that we rent from them. They are wanting to start a new business venture and need the money they make from this house to start it. They are going to sell the house for $530,000, but offered it to us at $470,000. I would not want to buy this house, it's not worth that. The insulation is horrible (it's freezing in the winter and doesn't hold heat, and it's hot during the summer because it doesn't hold the cool air from the window A/C), the kitchen is ugly and closed in, and the master bedroom is tiny(the only furniture we have in there is a cal king bed and a dresser). Anyway, not the point. We have to move out in 60 days. Of course the landlord has been great and wonderful the 3 years we have been living here and they are not being strict about the 60 days. They said if it takes a couple more weeks that is fine. Lil D is only 9 weeks old and I only have less than 4 more weeks till I go back to work. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! We have also painted the interiors to make rooms feel warm and not so bright white. My poor sweet husband slaved away painting for me when I was pregnant. I slaved away when I was pregnant painting all the "crevases" that a large roller couldn't get to. I painted a black & white checkerboard on my kitchen backsplash so it would look like black & white tile. I also just finished Lil D's room on Wednesday. We put up chair rail molding and painted it white. Then we painted throw back charger blue above the chair rail and padres sand below. On the wall above the changing table I painted a huge charger lightening bolt. On the opposite wall I painted the padres logo. Have you seen the padres logo. It is very detailed. I used a projector hooked up to my laptop to trace the logo and then painted it very tediously. It is beautiful! I hung a huge LT poster over the crib and I put up Lil D's name letters under the bolt. Everything was done. I know, I know...I'm just renting the house why do all that work. Well, we thought we were going to stay here a while. When we rented this house from the landlord he said "I hope you live here forever!"
So, on Thursday night, when I got up at 1:30am to feed Lil D, I couldn't go back to sleep. I finally went back to sleep at about 6:30. Guess what I was doing. Worrying about our living situation. Where are we going to move, where am I going to find the time to pack and take care of Lil D, where are we going to come up with the money for deposit and first months rent and pay our current rent? I am going to have to set his room up AGAIN! And I don't really have the money to buy paint and molding AGAIN! Well, at least until I go back to work.
I have been looking up houses for rent online and in the newspaper. I found a perfect one in a the location I wanted, it was a 4 bedroom and it was only $1750. I called the realtor and they said I could come pick up the keys to look at it, I got there and it was rented. That really stressed me out. A lot of the ads were no pets. I have 2 cats. Shesh!
Here are the positives of moving:
*I can find a house with a DISHWASHER. I hate not having a dishwasher.
*I can finally get organized. With the pregnancy and the healing process after Lil D was born I
have not been able to clean my house properly so I have gotten behind on my cleaning and I
feel like I can't catch up. Especially the office/guest's out of control. It has turned
into a catch all when we have company over. It was somewhat clean when my parents came.
*maybe we can find a house with a larger master bedroom.
*I can't think of any thing else.
So, when I got up this morning, I looked at rent ads online and in the newspaper. I found 2 new ads. I called on both and got a call back on a 3 bedroom in the location I want for the rent I want. J & I have an appointment at 3pm to see the house. It has a dishwasher and they accept pets and are ok with us not moving in till September 15. The only thing not on our wishlist is a garage. It has a 2 car carport. Which we can deal with.
Wish us luck!
Oh...and one more thing LIL D SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! He went to sleep at 10:30pm and didn't wake up till 7am!!!! Yeah, we are so blessed!!!
I know that I am making a big deal out of this house situation. I know that worse things could always be happening!!! My baby boy is healthy, my sweet J is healthy and I am healthy...what more could I ask for. Nothing. Praise God!!!!
I'll post about what happens this afternoon!

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