October 2, 2008

Who did America VOTE for...

America's got talent finale was last night. Here is a list of the top 5 finalist:
  1. Queen Emily
  2. Donald Braswell
  3. Nuttin' But Strings
  4. Eli Mattson
  5. Neal E. Boyd
Who did America vote for?

Winner of the $1 million dollar and the headliner of a vegas show at the MGM Grand is:

Neil E. Boyd

I wanted Queen Emily to win.

♥ Elliemae


Jenny @ Daily Dose of Motherhood said...

I wanted Eli Mattson to win! After thinking about it, I think he'll do better outside of Vegas. Wasn't this season fun? I think they had some really great people this year.

Kaydee said...

I thought for sure that Nuttin' but Strings was going to take it. They were pretty much the only act I would pay to see. But I could sit and watch Eli play for hours, so I would probably pay to go see a show he was in.

Great season this year! I especially liked when they brought back all the funny audition people. Great finale!