October 28, 2008

Letters to Lil'D...

We took you out for dinner on Monday night to Soup Plantation. We got our money's worth because of you. We had a buy one get one free dinner coupon, we paid $15+ and you made it the best meal of the week. First you started out with 2 large pieces of broccoli. Then, you ate salad with ranch and croutons. You guzzled down the strawberry lemonade and just couldn't get enough. I got you a piece of focaccia bread and myself some cornbread muffins. The first thing that came out of your mouth was "muffin!" Pam, at daycare, must make muffins for you to know that word, because Daddy and I don't make muffins. You gobbled that muffin up. The whole time saying "mmm, good muffin."

You ate a couple of bites out of the pizza and saw my tomato soup. You asked for a bite, you liked it and wanted more. We tried to get you to say soup and you came up with "goup," "poup," and "thoup." You finally decided on "more thoup, please." Daddy went and got you 3 strawberries and I got you a blueberry muffin. After you ate a couple bites of the muffin and polished the strawberries off, you asked for more.

Daddy & I were cracking up at how much you were eating. Either you didn't have lunch today or you were going through a major growth spurt. I gave you a couple more strawberries and asked you if you wanted ice cream. "Ice cream!" I got you a little mini cone with chocolate yogurt. I got myself some vanilla yogurt, chocolate syrup and some peanuts. You loved the cone, but saw what I had and wanted a bite. You asked for more and more of mine, so I finally gave in and gave it to you to finish off. You took your time with the ice cream and you really enjoyed it. This was the first meal that Daddy and I were waiting on you to finish.

You finished the rest of your strawberry lemonade on the way home. You and Daddy played ball until 8pm. I don't think we wore you out at all that night. You had tons of energy. What a fun and memorable night that was.

We went camping this weekend in Borrego Springs with Grandma & Grandpa. We watched a parade and you loved the horsies!! For lunch you ate 2 containers of yogurt, some french fries and salad. You entertained us all throughout the meal. We headed out to the festival. We had a huge cherry snowcone. You had fun hiding behind the trees and peeking out. You even danced along with a couple of songs. We saw some metal sculptures that looked like life sized elephants, dinosaurs and other creatures. We went to the motorhome to put you down for a nap. We were all exhausted from the 100 degree weather. You slept really good. I worked on your new afghan.

This past week was a week of eating for you. I think you were going through a growth spurt. You are growing so fast. I wish I could push a pause button. Funny thing is you are still wearing some 12-18 month shorts, so you are obviously growing up and not out.

♥ Mommy

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