October 6, 2008

Our weekend fun...

♥ Elliemae


TLC said...

So cool - it's been years since I went to one of these and to see it thru a little boys eyes - what fun!!!!

I found your site thru imommies.com - congrats, btw!! and love your work that you do on kitchens! Totally amazing!!

And lastly I went over to your friends site (her mom has cancer) and sent her an email. What a story... life comes at you fast and we all need to rally around each other & pray for each other, even if it's on the net! Thanks for sharing your "friend" so I could "meet" her! That's what these blogs are so great for!!!

Kaydee said...

Awesome video!! I see why you need such a great camera now. You take great pictures! We have got to talk about getting you to take some snaps of my little katydid!

P.S. I love the one with D pressing his face to the plane window. Not totally sanitary, but cute nonetheless!