October 4, 2008

Letters to Lil'D...

My sweet, sweet Lil'D,

It is so amazing to watch you become determined to learn, understand things, do things by yourself and be patient and consistent with Daddy & I understanding you.

Yesterday, Daddy was out in the carport putting the wagon in the car to take to Grandma & Grandpa Ham's to put air in the tires. You were trapped inside with Mommy behind the screen door. You became very upset all of a sudden. I got your shoes on and we went outside to where Daddy was. He was taking the handle of the wagon so that it would fit in the car. You were very interested in his tools and wanted to help immediately. We watched you take the screw out of the two holes and then put in back into the two holes, then said, "I did it!" You were wanted to check out every inch. You even got the washer to stay on the end of the screw, "I did it!"

The Friday afternoon airshow was going on at Miramar and we can see a lot of the Blue Angel performance from our house. We were preparing you for the noise by telling you that there were going to hear and see loud planes. After a little while, you were telling us something we just couldn't make out..."airplane route, airplane route." We couldn't figure out what you were saying, but you were being so persistent. "airplane ROUTE," kept getting louder and more stern. Daddy finally figured out you were saying "airplane loud." You can't quite pronounce the L in loud yet. You could just see the relief when Daddy figured it out.

Another funny thing you are into right now is opening the refrigerated doors at the grocery store. You absolutely love doing this. These doors are all together at one end of the store, so I let Daddy go get the milk while we head to the long aisle of doors. I patiently wait for you to get through a majority of them, skipping a few here and there. At the end, of course you want more.

Here are some phrases that I noted you were saying this week:
"Momma, have it?"
"Momma, talk whale."
"Momma, scare Lil'D"
"This way Momma."
"Daddy, I want to do it myself."
On Thursday, when I picked you up from daycare, you had a temp of 101. Your eyes were glossy but you acted pretty normal all the way home. As soon as I parked in the carport and put the car in park, I looked in the rear view mirror and could tell you were about the throw out. I really tried to hurry to get you out of the car, but it was way too late. As soon as I unbuckled you and got you out of the car. You looked down at yourself, covered in puke, and said, "Lil'D made a mess?" It was so pitiful. You were shaking and a little unsure of what had just happened. You handled it so well. Though I dread anytime you are sick with snot, puke, bloody noses, of rug burned knees, you are such a good sport when you are sick. So far, you have never been a whiner, a "milker", or a baby about it. You always make the best of it. What a little trooper you always are. You were completely fine the rest of the evening. You went to bed with fever, but you woke up the next morning with a normal temperature. You spent the day at home with Daddy and had a fun day.
All my love,

♥ Elliemae

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