October 11, 2008

Letters to Lil'D...

My dear sweet little boy,

It is so amazing to watch how you grow and process everything. One of my favorite things you do is lay completely flat on the floor and push a train or car along so that the wheels are eye level. You push it along ever so slowly. You are watching those wheels and how they work.

Your love for drums lately have grown. You asked Pam (daycare Mom) for drums. She hadn't had them out in a long time and they were stored in the back of her closet. How did you remember them? You asked for them everyday this week. Pam said you would spread them out and play 3 at a time and listen to how each one sounded differently. There are so many things in your world that you turn into drums. We all think you are going to be a drummer when you grow up.

You said some things this week that had us scratchin' our heads as to where you had heard them. We were going through a drive thru and Daddy was telling the lady at the window something and you said: "Daddy, no more talking, no more talking." You put both hands over your ears and said "Oh, dear" very dramatically. We finally figured out that "oh, dear" came from Mr. Knitknots in the Imagination Movers. Imagination Movers is a new show on Disney. It's 4 guys that sing and play songs and figure things out. You call the tv show "drums!" Imagine that.

You and Daddy have a few games that you play regularly now. You love playing with the beach ball in the living room. You tell Daddy whether you want him to roll it or throw it. You either kick it or catch it. If you catch it you let it bounce and then kick it up high in the air. When you have had your shoes on in the house you have kicked it and it hit the ceiling. You are very comfortable kicking the ball. Daddy practices with you all the time. You will probably be playing soccer real soon. (as soon as you realize you can use your hands)

Another game you and Daddy play is Jumping on Daddy. You grab daddy's hand and say lay down. Daddy lays flat on the ground and you run and jump on or over Daddy's back. On time you caught Daddy by surprise and he said "goodness gracious." You thought this was the funniest thing and kept saying "Daddy, gracious. Daddy, gracious."

This week you had another first. We took you to Chuck E. Cheese on Wednesday night. We ordered and got a booth on the far side of the restaurant so that you wouldn't be distracted by all the kids and games. You really enjoyed watching the characters sing and play instruments (especially the drummer). You plowed through 2 small slices of pizza. You were so patient and good. You kept asking if you could get down, but you listened to Mommy every time. When we were finally done eating we went over to the games and rides and you had a blast. You were really enthralled by the basketball game. You even played air hockey with Daddy. That was so much fun to watch. Your favorite rides were the monster truck, the Barney train and the horses. When you rode the Barney train you sang the entire ABC song along with Barney. It was awesome!! I forgot my camera and was so happy when I discovered they had a picture booth. Here are the two photos I have from your first visit to Chuck E. Cheese:

For a 2 year-4 month old, you really are good. We don't really have too many meltdowns or tantrums. In fact we don't have any tantrums. You know better, because Mommy puts on her serious face and voice. You definitely get upset when something doesn't go your way or I won't let you have something. But you are so good at moving on. It's all about changing the subject and getting you to think about something else. Daddy is very good at this. I personally don't believe in the terrible twos...yet!

Love you with all my heart,

♥ Mommy

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