October 23, 2008

Last VOTE post

I am so done with NaBloPoMo's theme this month: VOTE.
My heart just isn't into it and I can't think of anything else to talk about except for my opinion.
Which I'm not goint to do!

So, Don't forget to VOTE!

♥ Elliemae


Tiffany said...

Nov. 4th can not come and go too quickly for me.

I completed my absentee ballot and I am DONE.

WishTrish said...

Hi! Found you through SITS. I couldn't agree more. I am thinking constantly about getting this darn election over with. I've even sent in my early ballot already. Of course you have the very important prop 8 over there in Cali. We have the same only prop 102. Spent the night last night putting out fliers for it with my family and neighbors. :P Anyhow, love the blog. Love the photos of your little guy with the great big pumpkins. How cute is that? Super cute.