October 3, 2008

Time to VOTE...


"I'll go tally the VOTES." (Jeff Probst has said this phrase approximately 272 times)

1st vote...Paloma

Ace...one vote Ace, one vote Paloma

Ace...two votes Ace, one vote Paloma

Paloma...two votes Paloma, two votes Ace

Paloma...three votes Paloma, two votes Ace

Third person voted off Survivor Gabon...

The first illness of the season has arrived. There are 5 kids total in Lil'Ds daycare home. Dillon & Paige are both about 11 months. Abbey is 1. Shaun is 3 and Lil'D is 2. Monday, Paige was throwing up and missed Tuesday. Today, Dillon threw up and Abbey and Lil'D both had fevers of 101 degrees by 4:30pm.

Traffic was backed up because the Blue Angels had been practicing for the Air Show this weekend. Thank the Lord, Lil'D waited till we pulled into our carport to start throwing up. I really wish he would have waited till I got him out of my new car that is only 3 months old. Luckily, Lil'Ds carseat caught most of it and only a few spots got on the back seats.

This is only the 3rd time Lil'D has been sick like this. He was not a spit up baby at all. He maybe spit up all of one time as an infant. I was very very lucky and don't count on being that lucky when the second time comes around. So, Lil'D got a very early bath and was kind of shaky and cold afterwards. He started playing like normal and acted like he felt so much better than when I had picked him up from daycare. He drank a cup of gatorade, some pretzels and some crackers.

We gave him some Tylenol at 6pm and by the time he went to bed, his fever had definitely dropped. He fell right to sleep after story time. Jeremy will be stay-at-home Dad tomorrow. He actually has sick days that he can take and get paid for. I don't have those. I only have vacation days, which I have got to save up for the week of Christmas. Lil'Ds daycare mom, Pam, takes the week of Christmas off unpaid.

It was another hot day here is sunny San Diego, California. Definitely not as hot as yesterday. By the time I had Lil'D out of his carseat, clothes stripped off, in the bathtub, clean, dressed and diapered...I was sweating to death. It was about 78 degrees in the house. I cooled down once I sat down and relaxed. I guess that will be my workout for tonight. I'm exhausted.

Hope you all have a Pinktastic Day!

♥ Elliemae

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Simple Blog Writer said...

I'm going through the NaBlo blogroll to see what people are blogging about and to wish bloggers good luck with October NaBlo.

Good luck!

And I hope your little guy feels better today.