February 25, 2008

Good ol' Monday morning

Well, I know that my most faithful reader (Dad) won't be reading this week. He is on the road. He had to take something to Mississippi for work this week. My Mom went with him. So, I don't think I will have any readers this week. So, it's just me and me. I kind of had a breakdown in my system last week. (if you can call it a system) I'm was just a mess.


We drove to Fontana to California Speedway. J won tickets off the radio. It was windy and rainy. Lil'D had his big coat on, so he was warm. J and I only had sweatshirts, the wind ripped right through us. It rained a little too. They just couldn't get the track dry enough to do the qualifying laps. We were really bummed. At least the tickets were free ($50 for us both if he wouldn't have won them) and it was only and hour and a half drive. Not too bad. I was exhausted when we got back home. I think we wore out Lil'D also.


We decided to go to the zoo. It was packed. It was like a crazy summer day there were so many people. We only looked at the flamingos, monkey trails and the elephants. Having memberships to the zoo is the best way to do it. Lil'D took a long nap after the zoo.


We did a whole lot of nothing today. It was raining. We ran some errands like the grocery store, wal-mart and the dollar store. Not much exciting happened. I managed to organize ALL of Lil'Ds toys. That felt good.


Joe & Julie said...

I'm a faithful reader. Miss ya.

Kaydee said...

What am I, chop liver?