February 8, 2008


My work day

was really long and kind of boring. Senior designer was out and about all day and was working on other jobs that don't involve me. Barn & MustardStone are the two largest jobs that Senior Designer has sold. They are both over a million dollars each. YES, just in cabinetry and installation of cabinetry. Those are the only 2 jobs I am running right now. Soon to just be MustardStone only. Barn will be complete in March!! My officemate, PJ, does what I do as well. She runs all the other jobs. So, Senior Designer, has 2 design assistants. I've just been here longer. She's been here for 2 years, I've been here for almost 9. She came on board when I was 3 months pregnant and got Senior Designer through 4 months without me. She did an awesome job. I really enjoy working with her and sharing an office with her.


I picked up Lil'D and we went on a little shopping trip together. We went to Michael's. At first he was all into looking at all the pretty things, but of course he got bored. He did good overall. At the end he kept say "all done" and "bye-bye". J had a late soccer game, so I put Lil'D to bed when we got home and I worked on a fun project till J got home.

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