February 18, 2008

Weekend recap...

I did a whole lot of nothing this weekend. I was just tired and needed to rest I guess.


We went to the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center. We saw The Living Sea in the IMAX theater. Lil'D fell asleep. There was a kid's playroom with all kinds of fun stuff. Lil'D just loved it. He played on a computer, played in a pretend grocery store with plastic fruits and vegetables, he played a wooden xylephone...he really had fun. We also took some photos by the fountain out front. It was an absolute perfect day. We went to Pizza Hut for lunch. Lil'D loves salad. Of course, it has to have ranch on it. He also loves pizza. We had a really fun lunch. Lil'D is really good in a restaurant setting. He says Hi to everybody. Then when we leave. He tells the whole restaurant Bye-Bye really loud.


We went to Michael's and the Dollar Store. We didn't go to church because Lil'D is not completely well yet and we don't want to put him in the nursery with a runny nose. J and I both have colds still. J's is worse than mine. We went to wal-mart after Lil'Ds nap. Not that exciting of a weekend.


Lil'D and J are both at home because of Presiden's Day. I called J at around 11 and he asked me when I was leaving, that he was worn out. Good thing I'm only working a half day today.

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