February 5, 2008

Delurking...Day 2

Blog of the day

Tonight I visited Melissa at Pink Paper Peppermints. The first thing you see when her blog pops up is a fun handmade header and lots of P.I.N.K! I love her shade of pink! Her photo reflects her serious and totally goofy side! I was immediately drawn to read what she had to say! I think she is from Texas (I'm originally from East Texas!) I think she has 2 boys...Teen-O and little O. She's crafty, loves a bowl of beautiful buttons, and thinks that spellcheck is evil :) She is a rambunctious bundle of joy! Apparantly, she had an e-zine called The {HeART} of the Matter, that she will be starting back up again. I am excited about this and plan to sign up for it!

My work day

involved more rushed door hardware searching (this time it was passage latches for the doors). Somebody forgot to tell me about these yesterday. Luckily, they were in stock at San Diego Hardware! That is twice they have bailed me out! They funny thing about these latches are that I got 3 different finishes: brass, nickel and chrome. We are desperate people. We need that occupancy permit NOW!! The real items are on order and will take about 4 weeks to get. So, until those real items are in, the clients can occupy their home, but some of their hardware doesn't match. I also worked on a door list for an outdoor BBQ. This is the 2nd to last piece for the Barn job. I can't believe it's almost done. We should complete this project by March. I can't wait. Then it is on to the MustardStone project in Montana.


He seems to be feeling much better. He was very good tonight. He ate his grilled cheese and drank his milk with no complaint. J chased him up and down the hallway. He laughed and laughed. He asked to take a bath and then went straight to bed, no complaints. Love him!!

-Until tomorrow.

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Melissa~ said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and the great review! You got it all right - Texas, boys, pink, buttons and a war on spellcheck! *LOL* That's me in nutshell!

I can see we'll get along great by the color of your blog - hee-hee -

Pink Paper Peppermints