February 12, 2008

What's going on...

Projects I'm working on:

I sometimes take on too much. I feel so creative lately and I am trying to get it all out. I have been working on an afghan for Lil'D. It requires 65 2x2 squares and 28 rectangles. I have only made 47 squares so far. I try to make 3 squares a night. I am also working on a photo book for Lil'D. It will be a compilation of pictures from his 1st year. If you have seen my Lil'D Brag Book on Flickr then you know that I have literally thousands of photos of him. For my third project, I am trying to finish reading The Chronicles of Narnia. This book has like 700 pages. I have about 2 chapters left. I only read about 3 pages a night so it has taken awhile. I think I have been reading this book for about a year.

Just Stuff:

Hey Dad...have you seen this: Pink Blackberry Pearl I think only Verizon makes it and not ATT. But ATT makes the new LG Shine: It's red though. I don't know if I can do red because I am such a pink girl. This is what I would really like to have: Sony Ericsson Walkman:

Of course I have expensive taste in phones. I still have a year left on my contract. And, my phone is holding up...barely. It likes to turn itself off by itself or the screen will just go blank. I think it still has some time in it.

My work day:

I am currently working on getting someone to make solid teak doors for an outdoor BBQ. We got a door quote from one company and it was $16,000. Just for the doors. There are only 150 square feet of doors. Of course, solid burmese teak is quite special. We are picky and want clean, perfect teak with no blotchiness. They charge you extra for all the waste. Senior designer decided we would find a carpenter that does doors for high end yachts. I spoke to a guy today. I sent him the door list and the plans and hopefully he will get back to me tomorrow with good news. This BBQ is the last piece for the Barn job. I'm also figuring all the overtime we are spending on this job, I am suming up all the change orders and billing for this job as well.


apparantly had a long nap today. He was as sweet as pie when I picked him up. He is usually kind of cranky. J had english muffin pizzas ready for dinner when we got home. After dinner we played and played and played, bathed Lil'D then put him to bed. He is such a sweetie when he goes to bed. He sleeps horizontally in the crib. I don't know what we are going to do when he has to sleep in a regular bed. He sleeps with Sock Monkey, Monster (sully from Monsters, Inc), Chuck (he's a zebra), and Stumpytrunk (an elephant)

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