April 9, 2007

The reason I haven't blogged lately...

I am embarrassed to tell...
I LOVE GUITAR HERO II. If you don't know what that is it is a game on Xbox 360. You have a guitar with 5 colored buttons or "frets" on the neck of the guitar. You have a strum bar and a whammy bar. There is a "conveyor belt" coming at you with the different colors coming at you and you have to play them at the right time. It is like playing a real guitar. Here is the website if you want to see what it is all about:
Click here to see an 8 year old boy playing guitar hero.
That is just insane that an 8 year old boy can do this on expert. I have played easy and medium. I haven't even touched hard yet. I'm afraid!
Anyway, J and I have been playing this game alot in the past 4 days. We just got done playing some more tonight. It is really a lot of fun. I'm sure glad that my house is clean or I'd be in a lot of trouble!


On Friday night we went to the beach to see Auntie E and family. They had been camping all week with their kids for Spring Break. Lil'D got to see the ocean for the first time. He wasn't all that impressed. He also got to see a fire for the first time. He was very fascinated by this. We got home at about 9pm and Lil'D was out!!

On Saturday J and I did some chores, Lil'D and I went for a walk. J and I played Guitar Hero during Lil'D's naps. Grandma and Grandpa Ham came over and had dinner with us. They got a lot of Lil'D time in! Lil'D had so much fun!! Grandma & Grandpa did to!

On Sunday we went to the 8:15am service. Lil'D went to the nursery for the 2nd time. He was so tired half way through he couldn't keep him eyes open so he fell asleep. Poor little sleepyhead. The sermon was awesome, I learned many new things that I didn't know before.
After church J, Lil'D and I went to the Padres game. It was misting when we got there. Lil'D had his ball cap on and the hood to his sweatshirt. He was such a good boy! He played, he yelled, he ate, he slept and he cheered!! This was the most perfect game we could have taken him to. It was cloudy and the game only lasted 2 hours and 20 minutes. The Padres won!!
After the game we went over the Grandma & Grandpa Ham's for Easter BBQ. Lil'D was a little difficult to feed, but he enjoyed everyone! When J and I got back home we were pretty tired and I had a headache. Something about going to a day game just makes you so exhausted! J and I didn't play Guitar Hero the whole day! We relaxed and watched the Amazing Race after Lil'D went to bed.

Today, was a long day. Mondays always are. "Senior" designer is sick AGAIN. I can't believe it. I had to be in a meeting with him for about 15 minutes. Hopefully I don't get sick!!! 5pm finally came and J and I went to Berean to look for our next small group study. We found 2 books that we liked and we are going to let the small group pick which one. After dinner and putting Lil'D to sleep, I bet you can't guess what J and I did? PLAYED GUITAR HERO!!

I have to go to bed now. I was going to go to bed earlier than this.
-Until tomorrow

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