April 22, 2007

Recap of this week:

My Mom & Dad came to visit this week, that is why I haven't blogged. Grab a cup of coffee and sit down, this is going to take a while. Here is a recap of this week:

I took Lil'D to daycare at the usual 7am time. I had a dentist appointment at 9:30 so I didn't go into work. My Mom & Dad had just gotten into town and were about 45 minutes away. I went and checked out an exit to make sure my Dad could pull over in his truck. He was hauling a trailer to Fresno. He wanted to be there by tonight and deliver it tomorrow. We pulled off the exit and got my Mom into my car. I got to hug my Dad and then say goodbye. He was off to drive the whole day. I took my Mom home and I went to the dentist. Great news!! No cavities. My Mom was ready to go when I got back. I took her to a mall close to work. I worked the rest of the day and picked her up at 5:30. J picked up Lil'D. She was really excited to see him! We played for a while after he ate dinner. He got a bath, had a bottle and was off to dreamland!! My Mom and I went to Marshall's. My Mom bought me some really cute shoes. They are kind of tennis shoes with cherries on them. They are really cute! Mom and I got back at about 9:45. My bedtime. I knew that I had a big day tomorrow.

Mom decided to stay at home and relax today. I'm really glad, because it was a stressful, busy day. I had to print out about 22 18x24 pages and 8 32x42 pages. These are all AutoCad plans for the meeting today at 2:30. We are meeting with Barn. He and his wife have been in Hawaii for the past 4 months and haven't been available. Speaking of Hawaii, "Senior" designer went to Hawaii this weekend. He and his wife left on Wednesday and got back on Monday night. On Thursday, they were playing tennis and "Senior" designer went and tore his Achilles tendon. He sounded really awful when I spoke to him on the phone. The healing time for this is supposedly really long. "Senior" designer is a busy body. He never sits still. He is so hard to pin down and get complete answers from. We call him Captain Chaos, Tornado, Tasmanian Devil...stuff like that. He is always into something and never where he is supposed to be. He's the boss so he can get away with it. So his wife was driving him in to work today, of course they never made it because he had 10 million other things he had to get done before he got to the office. We met on the side of the road on the way to the appointment. I had to forewarn him that I wasn't driving my truck. I'm in J's PT Cruiser. He was like "where am I going to put my wheelchair and crutches?" Sorry, I'm not your personal driver!! It was kind of funny. So we were finally off to the long awaited appointment. We got there at 2:30. The interior designer that we are working with on this project is Dam Tug. Her and "Senior" designer have been working together for years. I really like working with her. She helps the client choose plumbing fixtures, lights, paint colors, furniture and other things. "Senior" designer and I would be doing all this if she wasn't. I love having her work on projects with us. Less for me to do!! I am overwhelmed with what I have, anymore and I would be stressed out, completely. My plate is just right like it is. Anyway, Dam hurt her ACL in both legs skiing about a month ago. She has braces on both legs and is walking with a cane. The meeting had to be moved from his office upstairs to a conference room downstairs. Mr & Mrs Barn are such lovely people. I love seeing the personal side to a stern and serious business man. He jokes and laughs just like the rest of us!! So we got through our meeting and "Senior" designer was ready to get home, his foot was throbbing. I had to take him home, put all his stuff on the coffee table in the living room, clear all the pillows and throw from the couch and make sure he got on the couch ok. He asked me to get him some Tylenol, but I had to go pick up Lil'D. His wife would be home soon. I finally got home with Lil'D at about 6pm. After Lil'D went to bed Mom and I went to Target. It was nice, no one was in there.

Mom came to work with me today. "Senior" designer was having surgery today at 9:30am. I made tons of phone calls letting everyone know his status and that it wouldn't be till Monday till he started returning phone calls and catching up on projects. Mom and I went to lunch at a deli and had sandwiches. They were really yummy!! I had a BLT on ciabatta bread! Last night "Senior" designer called me and asked me to take care of a watch. A jeweler was coming in to give me the watch. A client would come in and look at the watch for her husband. If she liked it, she could keep it or leave it with me to have the movement set perfect. This all seems pretty regular right? The watch is worth $20,000. Isn't that insane? I asked Payson, who is our office manager, to help me out with this project since I had my Mom with me. I covered his lunch and he was going to show the watch after I left. Needless to say the client never showed up. Mom & I went shopping. We went to Burlington Coat Factory, Big Lots and TJ Max. I got home at about 5:30 and started tidying up the house for small group. Mom and Lil'D played together while J and I got everything ready. We had a potluck tonight. It was really yummy. We had Chicken strips from Wings N things, salads from Pat & Oscar's, cornbread, cookies, strawberry shortcake and brownie bites. We all played guitar hero...OF COURSE!!

Mom stayed at home again today. I worked till 2pm. She walked over to Ross and I picked her up and we went to Wal-Mart. I had some items I needed to take back and we had to scope it out for Dad. My Dad got here at about 10pm. Wal-Mart let him park his truck for the night! Yeah!!

I took Dad to his truck and went to drop off Lil'D. Security at Wal-Mart told my Dad that he could park his truck there as long as he was a paying customer. He went in and bought some stuff. I took them back home. I went to work till 11am. I picked Lil'D up and went back home. It started raining so we played with Lil'D all day!! It was really fun.

We got to the swap meet at about 9:30am. Mom & Dad love the swap meet. It is the closest thing you can get here to Canton, Texas. Except Canton is about 100 times bigger than this. We found some really great deals...I got a little end table for $5.00, a basket for $3 and some fake sharpie markers in and array of colors for $2. My Dad got a small guitar for $35, he wanted a travel guitar. We went to lunch at Phil's BBQ. J met us. It was really good BBQ. Still not better than texas bbq!! We went to Coronado to the Hotel Del. It is so beautiful over there. It's Mom's favorite place!! She bought a lighthouse picture frame in a little store called the Attic. She always buys a little something from this store when she visits. We collected some sand for my Mom's co-workers and put them in little viles from the Container Store. Lil'D was sooooo tired. He had such a long day! We all slept good tonight.

We took Mom & Dad to the truck. They left. Boo. It is always hard to see them go. The hard part is I don't know when I will see them next. J, Lil'D and I relaxed today. We went to the grocery store and that is it.

I have photos to download. I will do that tomorrow!
Time for bed!
-Until tomorrow

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