April 4, 2007

Document Sink & stuff...

My officemate & I come up with the darndest things. We have a server at work and everyone's My Documents folder is linked to the server, so that when you log off or shut down it backs up that folder. PJ asked me about it and I explained this to her. She wanted to make a folder with all her personal kind of stuff. I told her to re-name My Documents to My Document Sync. She re-named it My Document Sink. I cracked up. She funny!!

I have a lot of people in my life that can't really spell. "Senior" designer can't spell at all. Sometimes I giggle under my breath at some of his trys. Cieling really gets on my nerves!! CEILING, people!!!!! The other designer here that I used to assist can't spell either. PJ does ok. The one thing I was really good at in school was spelling. I can usually spell anything (within reason of course). I also consider myself pretty good at grammar, that is when I am writing out proposals or emails for clients. I'm pretty loose on my blog. This is MY journal and you people just have to deal with it. All 3 of you!!!!! ;)

We had small group tonight at our house. It is temporary until PK have adjusted to new baby Lil'R. He is only 4 days old. This is their 2nd so they will probably bounce back like pros!!

So after small group we did a little show and tell. The Intimidator/Sarge brought over Guitar Hero. THAT GAME IS SO AWESOME!! I don't know why I love it so much. I couldn't get enough of it. I really hate that, because it means we have to buy it. Guess the easter bunny will be coming to see me!! I didn't let Sarge leave until 9:30pm. It was so much fun though!!!

Lil'D is getting into a naughty phase. He has been so easy up until now. We haven't really had any challenges with him. He has always been so agreeable with anything we do. Slept through the night at 4 months, eats when he is supposed to , goes to bed when we put him in his crib, those kind of things. Last night was the first time, but tonight when he has his last bottle of the night he drinks about 2-3 ounces and then pushes the bottle away and wants to get down or stand up. He does it in a fussy way, almost restless. Like he wants to settle down but just can't because he has to stand up one more time. Then, when I get maybe another ounce or 2 down him, I put him in his crib and give him his pacifier. He either rolls over immediately or waits till I'm out of the room and pulls up on the crib rails, starts to cry and his pacifier falls on the floor. We have been letting him cry for about 5 minutes. Then we go in and lay him back down and put his pacifier in his mouth. He whines just a little, but falls sleep soon after. It isn't out of control yet, but it is frustrating knowing what to do and how. So, hopefully it doesn't get worse. But if it does, we will just deal.
-Until tomorrow

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Barb said...

Hi there, Ellie Mae,

I'm sorry it took me a week to get over here and thank you for stopping by my place. I appreciate your comment.

I'm a pretty good speller, too. I slip up occasionally but for the most part, I'm pretty good.

Hopefully the sleep problem with your baby is temporary. Could be anything - they go through so many stages. But if he's always been a pretty good sleeper, chances are it's temporary. Hope so! :-)

Thanks again for stopping by. It's nice to meet you.