April 26, 2007

Holding everything together by the seams

I just can't seem to fit blogging into my packed schedule of to dos.
Here is the current lowdown:

I got lots of time with "Senior" designer yesterday. Of course, that is
because he can't go anywhere without his crutches or wheelchair. Time with him just means MORE work for me. Which is fine, I just wish it could be spread out a little more. It's either too much emergency deadlines one day or just odds and ends the other. It could drive a person crazy. Yesterday at about 3:30, "Senior" designer started making a list of all the things we were going to take to our 10am appointment this morning at Barn's current residence. I had to leave no later that 4:45 to pick up Lil'D. I printed about 10 sheets of plans out and pulled samples and wrapped them in protective wrapping so they wouldn't scratch each other. There were about 10 veneer door samples. I packed all the samples in "Senior" designer's Navigator before he left. I was at the mercy of the plotter, which is old and slow. I barely made it. I think it was 4:49 when I walked out the door. I made it. After all this, we get to the appointment and only Mrs. Barn is there. We didn't need any of that stuff I packed up. This is par for the course with "Senior" designer. He always takes way more that what he needs. And with his leg in a cast he can't even help me carry anything. I guess what doesn't kill ya, makes you stronger. I should be the strongest woman in the world after the past year.


So our cat, Shadow, is 2 years old this month. We have been meaning to get her spayed for over a year and a half. We have been paying every month for a pet plan from PetSmart. It's not expensive or anything and we thought that it was really a smart thing to do. On the 14th of this month, Shadow went in for a check up and booster shots. She is perfectly healthy. The bill totaled up to like $400.00. We paid zero dollars because of they payments we make monthly on the plan. I made her and appointment to get her spayed on Tuesday this week. I got her there at 7:15am, weighed her and they said "Let me give you an estimate." I told them I was on the plan. She told me that the plan only paid if we had gotten her spayed the first year. The total bill could be $393.00. WWWHHHAT?
I told he I didn't have that kind of money to spend on a cat and left. I had to take her all the way back home and then drive to work. What a waste of time. I looked up some pet vets online when I got to work. I called one that was 5 minutes from our house... $68.00. Big difference, huh? Then to top it all off PetSmart called me yesterday and asked me how Shadow was recovering? I asked them from what. She said from her appointment on Tuesday. I told her I cancelled that appointment. You could tell she didn't know what to say...oh, ok, bye. I'm glad they didn't do it. Majorly unorganized!!! What a joke.
I took Shadow in this morning at 8am. They were very nice. It was just a small clinic. It was old, but very clean. They just called and said that she came out of the surgery just fine. Poor baby. I'm ready to be done with this!! It just breaks my heart to see her in pain. She's a tough cat. She'll be normal in about a week or two!!

Off to work now. I took a 15 minute lunch break to catch up!!!
-Until tomorrow

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