April 5, 2007

44.Trim my personal tv consumption to 2 hours a day or less

This is just something that is just happening over time. When J and I get home one of us makes dinner and the other feeds Lil'D. Then we play with Lil'D, give him a bath and give him his bottle. At this time we have channel 126 on BabyFirstTV. It has all kinds of great learning shows. This time at night it plays classical music and images of a cartoon mobile or a photo that a child has colored, focusing on different elements up close. Once Lil'D is in bed for good, which is about 8pm, that is when we turn on the tv. We are have been turning everything off at around 9:30 every night. The weekends are a little different, but we are definitely not watching tv all day like we used to. We don't have time. So, yeah, the TV monster is under control!!

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