January 9, 2009

My current schedule...play by play

Weekday schedule:

6am - alarm goes off, hit snooze twice
6:20 - get up: shower, let hair air dry, fight with my closet
6:45 - heat up french toast in microwave for Lil'D
pick out Lil'D's clothes
Lil'D potty time
dress Lil'D
tell Daddy bye
gather my stuff and get out the door
7am-7:20 - leave the house
7:10-7:30 - drop Lil'D off at daycare
7:45 - 8am - arrive at work
8am-5pm - work (I fix my hair when I get to work)
5:40pm - arrive at home (J picks Lil'D up from daycare), every 20 minutes is potty time
5:45-6pm - eat dinner with my family
6pm-6:30 - workout
7:30 - Lil'D in the shower (what we do in between eating and showering is not always the same)
7:45 - read books with Lil'D ( J and I take turns every other night)
7:45 - 8pm - night, night for Lil'D
8pm - 10pm - I have been sitting in front of the tv, just vegging and being brainless.
10pm - bedtime for J and I.

My most useful time would be:
  1. If I would get up at 5am. There is a lot of time there for bible reading and working out!!
  2. 8pm - 10pm. If I get up at 5am I would have to go to bed at least by 9:30. I need to make at least 30 minutes of this time housework during the week. HAVE TO!!

Weekend schedule:

Right now we are potty training. We have potty time every 20 minutes.

I know I waste a lot of time on the weekend because I don't have a plan. I get overwhelmed and flustered and get in a bad mood because of not having a plan. NO MORE BAD MOODS. I have a choice as to what my mood is and I can choose not to let this overwhelm me!!!! I need to make a project list and cross off one project every weekend! AND cook one meal over the weekend too! Baby steps...baby steps. I want it all and I want it all right now!!!!!

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